John West to debate Larry Arnhart

November 15, 2007 A Darwinian Conservatism? John West vs. Larry Arnhart What: Debate between CSC Senior Fellow John West and Larry Arnhart of Northern Illinois UniversityWhen: Nov 15th, 7:30pm – 9:30pmWhere: Seattle Pacific University, Demaray Hall 150 For more information click here.

Are we suffering the consequences of Darwin Day in America?

While there are many who would deny that Darwin himself had anything to do with what became known in the last century as social Darwinism, the historical record on the subject is clear and unmistakable. Available this November, Darwin Day in America by CSC Senior Fellow John West explores the cultural implications of Darwinism for our society. Ideas have consequences, and the American experience of the consequences of Darwinism and scientific materialism is well-documented in the nearly 500 pages of Darwin Day in America, representing a decade of exhaustive research by Dr. West.  “This is provocative and important reading,” said Chuck Colson, Founder, Prison Fellowship. “John West has done a characteristically excellent job in analyzing social Darwinism and the insidious ideology which has Read More ›