Upcoming Speaking Engagements

In coming months, I will be speaking about the new paperback edition of Darwin Day in America in several places around the country: “Scientism in the Age of Obama and Beyond”Discovery Institute, Seattle, March 5 “The New Rise of ‘Totalitarian’ Science”Westminster Conference on Science and Faith, Philadelphia, March 21 “Scientism in the Age of Obama”Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC, March 23, Noon-1:00 pm “The Darwin Debate: Why It Matters”McLean Bible Church, Vienna, VA, March 23, 7:30-9:00 pm “The Darwin Debate: Why It Matters”Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church, Tucson, AZ, March 30, 6:30 pm

New Trailer for Darwin Day in America

We’ve released a new trailer for the paperback edition of Darwin Day in America. Check it out!

World Magazine Runs Excerpt

World magazine is running an excerpt from the new ending chapter of the paperback edition of Darwin Day in America.

Expanded Paperback Edition Released

Is America entering an era of “totalitarian science”? In the expanded paperback edition of Darwin Day in America (ISI Books, February 2015), political scientist John G. West describes the growing misuse of science to curtail basic freedoms, erode time-honored ethics, and circumvent democratic accountability. The paperback edition includes a brand new chapter titled “Scientism in the Age of Obama — and Beyond.” “Our culture is witnessing the rise of what could be called totalitarian science — science so totalistic in its outlook that its defenders claim the right to remake every sphere of human life, from public policy and education to ethics and religion,” says West. “Science is a wonderful enterprise, but in the Obama era, it’s being twisted in ways that Read More ›

Feb. 6: Proselytizing for Darwin’s God in the Classroom

Featuring Dr. John G. West, author of Darwin Day in AmericaWednesday, February 6, 20084:30-6:00 pmDiscovery Institute, Seattle This event is being taped for broadcast on the web as part of the ID the Future Darwin Day broadcast on Darwin Day, February 12. For years supporters of Darwin’s theory claimed to oppose teaching religion in the nation’s science classrooms. But just in time for Darwin Day 2008, leading evolution proponents — including the National Academy of Sciences, the Public Broadcasting Service, and the National Center for Science Education — are cynically promoting religious instruction in schools as a way of defusing opposition to Darwinian evolution.  Join Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Dr. John West, author of Darwin Day in America (ISI Books), as he presents a tale of Read More ›

God, Science and Presidential Politics

Click here to listen. CSC senior fellow and author of Darwin Day in America, Dr. John West, reports that to the dismay of many, religion is becoming one of the defining issues of the presidential election campaign. From the scrutiny of Mike Huckabee’s views about evolution and Mitt Romney’s Mormonism on the Republican side, to unseemly e-mails questioning the religious upbringing of Barack Obama among Democrats, religious faith is once again front and center in electoral politics.

Darwinian Hiring Practices?

Click here to listen. On this episode of ID The Future CSC’s Dr. West explores how early 20th century Darwinists encouraged employee selection be based on natural selection. He explains how even skin color, nose size and digestive system could help employers understand potential employees’ moral stature and working capabilities. For more visit the website for Dr. West’s new book Darwin Day in America.

Cesare Lombroso and the Rise of Darwinian Criminal Justice

Click here to listen. On this episode of ID the Future, John West shares from his new book, Darwin Day in America, about Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso and the New School of Criminal Anthropology. Lombroso and his disciples contended that criminal behavior could be explained largely as a throwback to earlier stages of Darwinian evolution. Listen in as West illustrates the consequences of applying Darwin’s theory to criminal justice.

The Real Frankenstein: Giovanni Aldini

On a special Halloween edition of ID the Future, John West shares the inspiration for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In his new book, Darwin Day in America, West examines the experiments of Italian scientist Giovanni Aldini, conducted on human corpses. His gruesome experiments provided the inspiration for Frankenstein and foreshadowed the rise of a virulent strain of materialism that attempted to use science to reduce human beings to mere matter in motion.

Dr. John West At The Heritage Foundation Nov. 6th

The Abolition Of Man? How Politics And Culture Have Been Dehumanized In The Name Of Science What: A lecture by CSC Senior Fellow John WestWhen: November 6, 12PM – 1PMWhere: Lehrman Auditorium, The Heritage Foundation, Washington, D.C. Click here for more information.